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Mark Veenendaal – Principal Consultant

Mark has over 30 years experience in senior roles in the manufacturing and service sectors, particularly in high technology industries. Throughout this time he has gained extensive experience in the areas of Operations and Project Management, Supply Chain, Business Process Improvement and Systems Development.

In addition, Mark is a small business owner and company director.

Mark has tertiary qualifications in science (metallurgy) and management (MBA) and has recently achieved recognition as a Certified OHS Professional. Additionally, Mark has specialised vocational training in Workplace Training & Assessment, Quality Auditing and Radiation Management.

As a hands on practitioner, Mark has experience in the development, implementation and management of workplace safety, including work method design, risk assessment and compliance. In addition to experience in WH&S systems, Mark has significant experience in the development and delivery of Quality Systems and is a qualified Quality Management Systems auditor.

In recent times, Mark has specialised in Environmental Management Systems, working both in the areas of certification, assisting clients with achieving and maintaining certification to ISO14001, and sustainability, helping clients to reduce their energy consumption and their footprint.

Since moving into consulting 5 years ago, Mark has used these experiences to assist clients in achieving certification to the Quality, Environmental and WHS Standards in the following sectors: Manufacturing including Heavy Industry and High Volume Production, Construction, Service Industries including Field Service, Recycling including eWaste, Hospitality and Professional Services including Architecture and Design.


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