A structured environmental management system is a proven method for improving sustainability. Research indicates that organisations that have earned ISO 14001 Certification have realised significant financial benefits, including higher share value, better operational performance and improved compliance.

Sustainability has become one of the business community’s highest priorities as organisations come under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact.

Many organisations have embarked on the sustainability journey and just as many have failed to achieve any significant results from their programs, for many reasons – such as lack of resources, lack of commitment or the high costs involved. We have solved this problem for you with our fast cost effective system.

ISO 14001 is a management system standard. Management system standards provide a model to follow in setting up and operating a management system. It is a generic standard which means that the same standard can be applied to any organisation, large or small, whatever its product or service, in any sector of activity, and whether it is a business enterprise, a public administration, or a government department.

The system requires documented plans and compliance and certification is judged by objective evidence of the system in operation.

The ISO14001 model is based on continual improvement meaning that its formal structure includes processes that regularly examine performance and ensure that the system continues to provide ongoing benefits.


Continual Improvement

Plan Do Check Act

The Benefits

  • Strategic approach to environmental performance – vision and initiative
  • Helps to provide order and consistency in environmental performance
  • Less need for a government command and control mode of regulation
  • Demonstrates Reasonable Care and Due Diligence
  • Improved risk management both internally and throughout the supply chain
  • Results in savings through:
  1. Reduced waste handling and disposal costs
  2. Savings in raw material costs
  3. Reduction in energy use
  4. Lower use of natural resources
  5. Sustainable development
  6. Better reputation with government regulators, employees, customers, public, neighbours, NGOs
  • Expanded market and investment opportunities – competitive advantage
  • Independent third-party certification of the EMS recognised worldwide
  • Team work leading to better sharing of information
  • Better control of emissions
  • Improved environmental performance

We have a certified systems solution to meet the specific needs of your business.

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