System Maintenance

Congratulations – you have been awarded certification.

What should you do now? The temptation is always to put aside the management system that has taken up so much of your time and catch up on some other things – right?

WRONG – the challenge is to combine the management system functions into the daily processes of your business. Larger organisations have the benefit of  having in-house access to professional expertise that they can rely on to provide a regular business management system maintenance service, however, few organisations can afford can afford this level of expertise.

We are able to offer a cost effective alternative by having an ISO14001 Certification consultant manage your system for you.


This approach has many benefits:

  •  Protecting you investment – certified systems often cost a significant amount in both resources and funds
  • Making the system pay for itself – get the Return On Investment that your system is capable of through a more effective system that employs continual improvement
  • External audit management – peace of mind in the knowledge that Certification will be maintained
  • Access to high calibre, professional and focused management system expertise at cost savings compared to full time personnel and associated training

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