What Certification To ISO14001 Doesn’t Mean

What Certification To ISO14001 Doesn’t Mean

What accredited certification to ISO 14001 does not mean
1) ISO 14001 defines the requirements for an organization’s environmental management system, but does not define specific environmental performance criteria.
2) Accredited certification to ISO 14001 provides confidence in the organization’s ability to meet its own environmental policy, including the commitment to comply with applicable legislation, to prevent pollution, and to continually improve its performance. It does not ensure that the organization is currently achieving optimal environmental performance.
3) The ISO 14001 accredited certification process does not include a full regulatory compliance audit and cannot ensure that violations of legal requirements will never occur, though full legal compliance should always be the organization’s goal.
4) Accredited certification to ISO 14001 does not necessarily indicate that the organization will be able to prevent environmental accidents from occurring

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