The Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy

ISO14001 requires that the Environmental Policy be:

  •  Defined by top management
  •  Appropriate to the nature, scale, and environmental impacts of the activities, products, or services of the organization
  •  Documented, implemented, maintained
  •  Communicated to employees
  •  Available to the public

The Environmental Policy must contain a commitment to:

  •  Continual improvement
  •  Prevention of pollution
  •  Comply  with  relevant  environmental  legislation  and  regulations  and  other requirements to which the organisation subscribes

The Environmental Policy must:

  •  provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets
  •  be communicated, familiarised, and
  •  socialised throughout the organisation

The policy should be:

  •  Clear,  concise,  motivating,  authentic,  reflecting  the  organization’s  guiding principles, beliefs, ethics and values
  •  Consistent with other organizational policies, mission or vision statements
  •  Relevant to all areas of the operation, from raw material supplies to finished product or service
  •  Kept up-to-date (though not changed too often)
  •  Widely distributed within the organisation
  •  Made  available  to  the  public  (e.g.  newsletter,  website,  advertisements, announcements)
  •  Ensure responsibility, authority, and accountability have been assigned for implementing, maintaining, and communicating the environmental policy
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