Environmental Representative

Environmental Representative


The Environmental Representative is the key person within the Environmental Management System. An effective Environmental Representative is essential to the successful implementation and the ongoing operation of the EMS.

The ISO14001 model is based on continual improvement meaning that its formal structure includes processes that regularly examine performance and ensure that the system continues to provide ongoing benefits. It is the responsibility of the Environmental Representative to manage this process.


  • System overview and operation
  • Training
    • Gap analysis
    • Schedule
    • Resource analysis
  • Objectives & Targets
  • Aspects and Impacts identification
  • Targets development
  • Performance review
  • Internal Auditing
    • Resources
    • Schedule
    • Results
  • Compliance
    • Legal
    • Regulatory
  • Corrective Action
  • Management Review
    • System effectiveness
    • Audit Reports
    • Corrective Action Summary
    • Opportunities for Improvement
  • External Auditing
    • Relationship with certifying body
    • Non conformance management
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